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Trade unions

Name of Institute Projects


  • Trade union development in the new Member States of the European Union and the candidate countries (Contact: Kurt Vandaele, Jeremy Waddington)
  • Trade union recruitment: an assessment of techniques, organisation and outcomes (Contact: Kurt Vandaele, Jeremy Waddington)
  • Trade union capacity building in the SEE (Contact: Grigor Gradev)
  • Transnational trade union rights (TTUR) (Contact: Isabelle Schömann)
  • The organising model in continental Europe: constraints and prospects (Contact: Kurt Vandaele)
  • Strike activity and collective action (Contact: Kurt Vandaele)
  • The language-territorial cleavage and social partnership in Belgium since 1996 (Contact: Kurt Vandaele)
  • Innovation and trade unions (Contact: Maria Jepsen)

INEGSEE (Greece)

  • The characteristics of the Greek trade union movement in relation to the rest of Europe, 2007
  • Industrial Relations in the Cleaning Sector, 2009

(Contact: Giannis Kouzis, Tel. +30 210 8202248 / 258)

ISTUR (Bulgaria)

  • Development of the independent trade unionism and industrial relations – the challenges of transition
  • CITUB – Chronology and history

(Contact persons: Nadezhda Daskalova and Angelina Nikolova)

1st of May Foundation (Spain)

  • Feasibility study of TU affiliation in Spain (research in process) (Contact: Jorge Aragón, Tel. +34 91 364 06 01)

HIVA (Belgium)

  • Innovative work behaviour and innovative labour organisations: a process-based multilevel approach (VIGOR)
  • Flexicurity debate at the level of christian-social trade unions
  • Knowledge for and about professionals and managers and their trade unions

(Contact: Guy Van Gyes, Tel. +32 16 32 33 33)

WSI (Germany)

  • Organising and recruitment, Trade union restructuring, Membership development (Contact: Dr. Heiner Dribbusch, Tel. +49 211 7778 217)
  • The recruitment of union members through works councils, Union-party alliances (Contact: Martin Behrens Tel. +49 211 7778 258)

FTU (Belgium)

FAOS (Denmark)

  • Falling levels of membership - causes and consequences for the Danish model (Contact: Jesper Due)

SindNova (Italy)

  • Industrial relations and worker representation systems in the European Union and the accession countries (Contact: Claudio Stanzani)

Fafo (Norway)

IRES (Italy)

CESOS (Italy)

European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO) of the European Foundation for the Improvement of the Living and Working Conditions (Contact: Vilma Rinolfi and Sofia Sanz )

ISETUR (Bulgaria)


  • Survey of collective conciliation for ACAS
  • State of UK unions for UNISON
    Survey of activities of lay officials for NASUWT

(Contact: Clare Ruhemann)

OHRC (Slovenia)

ISTAS (Spain)

  • Impact of Trade Union Health & Safety advisory (Contact: Rafa Gadea, Tel. +34 963 911 421)
  • Efficiency of safety representatives (Contact: María José López Jacob, Tel. +34 91 449 10)

AFI-IPL (Italy)

  • ESF-Projekt „Organisatorische Innovation und Qualität der Arbeit: die Rolle der Kollektivvertragsverhandlungen“ (Contact person: Mario Giovannacci)

IRES Emilia-Romagna (Italy)

  • Membership and representativeness at regional level (Contact persons: Loris Lugli, Tel. +39 051 294872 and Stefano Tugnoli, Tel. +39 051 294862)


Labour Institute for Economic Research (Finland)