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Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI)

Address :
31/32 Parnell Square
  Dublin 1


Contact person :
Tom Healy PhD
Phone: + 353 1 8897722
Fax: + 353 1 887 2012

Short description

The Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI), with offices in Dublin and Belfast, is a research organisation which, at its core, has a vision of the achievement of a better, fairer society. It aims, through the provision of world-class research and analysis, to contribute towards the construction of alternative perspectives and possibilities that will lead to the creation of an economy that works for society. It is supported by a number of unions affiliated to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

The remit of the Institute is to:

  • advance knowledge and understanding of economics and the social sciences, with particular reference to the economic and social conditions in or affecting the island of Ireland;
  • undertake, to the benefit of the public, research and analysis on the impact of economic policy development and its effects towards the attainment of a more equitable and just society;
  • publish and promote research findings in order to advance awareness and comprehension of economic theory;
  • undertake activities to ensure a broad dissemination of the research and analysis; and
  • provide education, training and capacity building programmes to increase understanding of economic and social science policy among the general public.

The Institute, through its Director, is accountable to the Chair of the Institute’s Governing Council in regard to organisational and financial affairs. The Council is composed of representatives of all the sponsoring unions. The research work programme of the Institute is developed by the Director and staff of the Institute in consultation with the Chair and a steering committee of the Governing Council. Work published in the name of the Institute is the sole responsibility of the Director of the Institute. An Academic Peer Research Panel will assist in reviewing published material from the standpoint of methodological standards and quality of publications.

Areas of expertise and competencies

Tom Healy Well-being, human and social capital, education, public finances
Rory O’Farrell Macroeconomic modelling, labour economics
Micheál Collins Income distribution, taxation, economic evaluation, public policy
Paul MacFlynn Regional economics, public policy evaluation

Work programme, strategic plan, projects

  1. To establish a sound empirical database for analysis of
    a) micro-economic (household level) information for the Republic of Ireland (ROI) enabling analysis of budgetary, wage and pension changes based on a micro-simulation model.
    b) macro-economic data enabling projections of key outcomes and policy mixes based on the HERMIN model for ROI and Northern Ireland (NI).
  2. To produce a Quarterly Economic Observer together with a Quarterly Economic Facts beginning with a release on the 27th March 2012.
  3. To undertake a major work of research on three themes (one for NI and two for ROI) from within the following areas broad areas: labour market earnings, unemployment, pensions, wealth / income distribution, public services and welfare, state enterprises, industrial strategy (including services), innovation and competitiveness, sustainable development, the education sector, the health sector, housing and fiscal planning.
  4. To scope out a dissemination, training and capacity building programme of benefit to affiliate unions and others including briefing to colleagues and mutual help in regard to emerging economic analysis across the trade union movement in Ireland.
  5. To undertake a research working paper series linked to a NERI regular research seminar series where high quality research, or research in progress, on new economic policies can be presented.

Publications, language, newsletter

  • Quarterly Economic Observer
  • Quarterly Economic Facts
  • NERI General Research Series
  • NERI Working papers

All publications available from the NERI website: www.NERInstitute.net (to be launched on 27 March 2012)

Other networks the institute is participating in

  • Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland (SSISI)
  • Regional Studies Association (RSA)
  • Irish Social Policy Association (ISPA)
  • Irish Economics Association (IEA)
  • Foundation for Fiscal Studies (FFS)
  • Social Policy Association (SPA) – UK
  • International Institute of Public Finance (IIPF)
  • Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN)
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