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Instituto Ruben Rolo

Address :
Praça D. Luís, 9 - 1º dtº.
1200-148  Lisbon


Contact person :
Reinhard Naumann
Phone: +351 21 347 33 75 / 21 357 34 93
Fax: +351 21 357 34 22

Short description


The Ruben Rolo Institute (IRR) was established in 1998. Since then it has developed research and training activities in the area of labour relations. Trade-unionists from all over the world and specialized researchers in the areas of economy, sociology and labour law cooperate in the initiatives of the Institute. The Ruben Rolo Institute aim is to contribute with its research and its public debates to the social and political debate in the Portuguese trade unions, involving unionists, politicians and academics from different national and political backgrounds. A central issue in this work is the relation between globalization and labour relations in Europe and Portugal.

The principles that guide the work of the Ruben Rolo Institute are: Pluralism, Freedom of opinion, Critical and constructive spirit, Innovative intervention in society, Trade-union orientation.

The Institute organizes seminars regularly; it publishes texts for reflection (Cadernos IRR) and it is involved in the organization of international conferences and workshops every year.

Areas of expertise and competencies


· Industrial relations - contact person: Maria da Paz Campos Lima

· Vocational training - contact person: Markus Wochnik

· Macro economics - contact person: Nádia Simões

· Civil society - contact person: Raquel Rego

· Union restructuring - contact person: Reinhard Naumann

Work programme, strategic plan, projects

· Project “Democracy and Transparency” (database “Elections in Unions”, research in member participation)

· Project “Social Justice” (scientific expertise for a trade union campaign for social justice)

· Project “Unions and Communication” (research in internal and external trade union communication)

Publications, language, newsletter

No regular publications; download of IRR-Issues (in Portuguese) at http://rubenrolo.org/cadernos.html

Other networks the institute is participating in

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