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Address :
Via Orazio 31
00163   Roma


Contact person :
Marco Ricceri
Phone: 39/ 06 - 44202211
Fax: +39/ 06 - 44117029

Short description


Eurispes is the leading private, independent, not-for-profit think tank in Italy. Founded in 1982, the institute has grown into an analytical hub of information providing in-depth papers on political, social and economic issues in Italy. It now is established as a reliable barometer in the arenas of decision-making and public opinion.

Eurispes conducts and finances research of the Italian public and private sector. The investigative and data gathering process extends to international entities resulting in reports that are incisive, objective, provocative and often controversial.

This Italian think tank operates under the philosophy that healthy government socio-economic policy exists in a transparent environment where facts, data and opinions are freely accessible. In support to this belief, Eurispes incorporates personnel of varying cultures, backgrounds and spheres of influence creating a truly homogeneous organization that produces original concepts, ideas and reports.

Areas of expertise and competencies

These are the main areas of intervention the institute works on:

• Analysis and interpretation of major social, political and cultural dynamics emerging in

national and international context;

• Analysis and evaluation of Public Politics and assistance in strategic reorientation of

political territorial administrations;

• Consulting regarding human resources of Public Administrations and technical assistance

to public organizations;

• Evaluation of strategic territorial perspectives and definition of economic and territorial

developing models;

• Economic Studies and researches and production systems analysis;

• Macroeconomic and national and international scenarios analysis;

• Territorial and district economic systems analysis and sector revision studies;

• Research and analysis of work market and of industrial relations system;

• Planning and implementation of models, shapes and tools of political communication;

• Organization and realization of formation tasks

Work programme, strategic plan, projects

Publications include:

Italy Report an annual publication that portrays the Italian system from a macro-sociological point of view. The report has become a valuable instrument for policy makers, theoreticians, economists, politicians and the foreign press

Permanent reports covering employment, unemployment, black economy, crime, childhood and adolescence, schools, pornography, consumer price index, global markets, immigration, women

Analysis and interpretation of political and social dynamics

Planning and implementing theories and instrumentation for communication

Analysis of political situation

Analysis of production systems

Sectorial and territorial surveys

Methodology and Research Instruments

The Institute conducts both qualitative and quantitative research to provide an in-depth picture of Italy’s reality. Data is collected through questionnaires and representative sampling of subjects.

Publications, language, newsletter

Online magazine: http://www.leurispes.it/

Italy Report (2015 – 27th edition)

Reports on sectoral and territorial development

All in Italian language.

Other networks the institute is participating in

International Agreements

  • On 2002, Eurispes was enrolled in the list of Institutes of Studies and Experts of the European Parliament-Directorate General Research.
  • Partner of the LEED Programme (Local Economic and Employment Development) of the OECD, Paris.
  • Founding member of the European Research Group “European Social Model Project
  • Founding member of the European research Group “R.I.P.E. – Religious Innovation and Pluralism in 21th Century Europe
  • Founding member of the European Research Group “S.U.P.I. – Social Uncertainty, Precarity, Insecurity
  • Founding member of “E.A.V.I. – European Viewers Interests Association
  • Partner, European Consortium Group S4 on Territorial and Social Development, Université Paris I
  • Founding member of the International Network “Europe-Russia Communication Management
  • Founding member of the “EN RLMM – European Network Regional Labour Market Monitoring”, Frankfurt am M.

Eurispes has signed cooperation agreements with:

ANTARES Consulting s.r.o, Praha, Tchek Republic

ET FUND – Emerging Technologies Ventures, London

THE GLOBAL POLICY INSTITUTE, London Metropolitan University, London

EAVI – European Association For Viewers Interests, Brussels

ETUI European Trade Union Institute, TURI Network, Brussels

R.A.S.Russian Academy of Sciences – IE RAS Institute for Europe, Moscow

R.A.S. Russian Academy of Sciences - Institute Of Social Economic Studies Of Population – ISESP, Moscow

All Russian Center of Living Standards VCUZH/VZUG Scientific Research Organization, Moscow

Transeurasian Belt Of Razvitie – Russian Railway Corporation, Moscow

CEEISA – COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT IN POLITICS AND BUSINESS, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow

INCAP-Instituto Nacional de Capacitación de Dirigentes Políticos y Sociales, Ministry of Interior, Government of the Argentine Republic, Buenos Aires

FUNDABAIRES - Fundacion De Estudios Avanzados,Buenos Aires

F.C.U.P. – Ferrocarril Union Pacifico, Mendoza

Foro Para El Desarrollo de la Ciudad De Santa Fe Y La Region, Santa Fè

City of Valparaiso, Chile

I.M.I. - Internationl Institute of Management, Chisinau University, Chisinau, Moldova


J.W.GOETHE UNIVERSITY, Frankfurt aM., Germany

S.E.K.I.-Institute for Social Economy, Kaunas, Lithuania

COSPE-National Focal Point for Italy of the EUMC-European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia, Vienna

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