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CESOS (Centre di studi economici, sociali e sindicali) Srl impresa Sociale/ Centre for Economic, Social and Labour Studies

Address :
Via del Viminale 43
00184  Rome


Contact person :
Colasanto Michele, President
Phone: +39.06.84242070
Fax: +39.06.85355360

Short description


Cesos, Centro di StudiSociali, Economici e Sindacali (Research centre for the study of economics, social science and trade unions) is a not-for-profit corporation. It was founded in 1980 and it is supported by the Italian Confederation of Workers’ Unions (Cisl), in collaboration with trade union experts and consultants. The IAL Nazionale (Innovazione, Apprendimento, Lavoro), a vocational training institute promoted by the Cisl, is Cesos’ major shareholder. Prof. Michele Colasanto is the President of the research centre.

Areas of expertise and competencies

Cesos' areas of expertise are:

· Industrial relations

· Education and vocational training

· Labour market policies

· Social policies

· Local systems of small and medium-sized enterprises

· Workers’ participation in companies

The principal activities of Cesos include the promotion, coordination and realisation of research and studies on theseareas. Furthermore, the Cesos promotes and organizes conferences, debates and workshops of interest to academic, trade union and political circles. For more detailed information on every research area and contact persons, please see the website.

Work programme, strategic plan, projects

Publications, language, newsletter

Cesos does not issue any regular publications, but you can consult the list of current and past projects in English (titles and additional information) on its website.

Other networks the institute is participating in

EUROFOUND: Cesos was part of the network of Italian correspondants of the European Foundation for the Improvement of the Living and Working Conditions (www.eurofound.europa.eu). The network works on the Observatories promoted by the European Foundation: the European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO); the European Restructuring Monitor (ERM); the European Working Conditions Observatory (EWCO).

REFERNET, European Network of Reference and Expertise in VET, created by Cedefop

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