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Annual TURI conference 2012 (7/8 June, Paris)

Presentations available for download

Annual TURI conference

7 – 8 June 2012 Paris


TURI conference

Thursday, 7 June
Venue: Centre d’analyse stratégique, 18 rue de Martignac, 75007 PARIS

13h45 Welcome addresses

  • Frédéric Lerais, General Director of IRES
  • Philippe Pochet, General Director of ETUI

14h Labour law deregulation during the crisis

Chair: Frédéric Lerais, General Director of IRES

  • Labour law deregulation and the erosion of collective bargaining in Italy, Salvo Leonardi, IRES presentation SL
  • Reforms in Spain in the framework of the economic crisis, Ramón Baeza Sanjuán, Fundación Primero de Mayo presentation RBS
  • The crisis and national labour law reforms: a mapping exercise, Stefan Clauwaert, ETUI

17h Round table: Perspectives for the trade unions in France and European challenges

Chair: Philippe Pochet, ETUI

  • Christophe Couillard, CGT-FO
  • Patrick Gonthier, Unsa-education
  • Mariano Fandas, CFDT

Friday, 8 June
Venue: IRES, 16 Bd du Mont d'Est, 93192 Noisy-le-Grand Cedex (Paris)

09h Recent developments in the TURI network and debate on future cooperation

Chair: Philippe Pochet, ETUI

- Discussion on the role of the TURI network in monitoring national labour law developments

  • Labour law deregulation and the erosion of collective bargaining in Portugal, Reinhard Naumann, Instituto Ruben Rolo (continuation of discussion from previous day)
  • Presentation of AIAS/ETUI Collective Bargaining newsletter, Jan Cremers, AIAS
    ETUI Paris.pdf 286.96 kB

- Update on the ongoing joint projects:


-Discussion in groups on the instruments for collaboration

-Reporting from the group discussions and decision on next steps

14h30 Upcoming issues for TURI?

1. The problematic representing capacity of employers’ federations as social partner and implications for trade unions

- Catherine Vincent et Jean-Marie Pernot, IRES

2. Trade Union renewal

- Organising through conflict? The influence of strikes on union membership development in Germany, Heiner Dribbusch, WSI

3. Beyond GDP: reframing the current debates on the economic policies in Europe?

- Georg Feigl, AK Wien

See also for more information the presentations

on Greece by Christos Triantafillou - economist at the Labour Institute of the Greek General Confederation of Greece (INE/GSEE) from 28 February 2012 (ETUI)

and on Portugal by Paula Bernardo - Deputy General Secretary of UGT from 18 June 2012 (ETUI)